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Top 20 NFT Marketplaces: Where to buy and sell NFTs

Justin Caldwell
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Best NFT Marketplaces

NFT marketing is a minefield.

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are tokens that show ownership of a digital creation. These creations could include artwork, videos, music, and more. These incredible creations reside on the blockchain, the same technology that powers popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But where do you turn if you want to get your hands on an NFT? We’re going to answer that question by giving you the top 20 NFT marketplaces to buy and sell NFTs. Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!


Best NFT Marketplaces for 2023

Buying and selling NFTs shouldn’t be done on some platform you heard about from your roommate’s cousin’s nephew. You should use legitimate, reliable, and secure marketplaces. Here are the top NFT marketplaces to use when you are ready to dip your toes into NFTs.

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1. OpenSea


Perhaps the most well-known NFT marketplace, OpenSea is an excellent option if you’re just getting started with NFTs. It’s also a great choice if you want to explore more than just NFT artwork. OpenSea also offers domain names, virtual worlds, trading cards, and sports collectibles for those interested in exploring beyond digital images.

OpenSea launched in 2017 as an Ethereum marketplace but has since grown to support USDC and Solana. It’s important to remember that you can’t use fiat currency (Euros, Pounds, USD, etc.) on OpenSea. However, getting started is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to start perusing and buying on the OpenSea marketplace.

Overall, OpenSea is an easy-to-use NFT marketplace that’s great for buyers and sellers of all levels. You’ll have plenty of options available no matter what type of NFT you’re looking for.

2. GameStop


The next marketplace on our list is a place to get your hands on NFTs if you’re into gaming. GameStop is making a move to expand beyond just gaming and plans on creating a name for itself in the NFT space, specifically as they relate to gaming.

GameStop is creating a huge fund, which will be used to draw developers away from other platforms and marketplaces. Additionally, the company’s NFT marketplace is built on Layer-2 Ethereum protocol Immutable X.

Of course, GameStop’s NFTs are going to focus heavily on gaming items like weapons, skins, costumes, upgrades, and more. Plus, don’t be surprised to find GameStop partnering with well-known gaming developers to offer one-of-a-kind NFTs that are sure to appeal to gamers who prefer certain games.

3. Binance NFT

Binance NFT

Another top NFT marketplace you should know about is Binance NFTs. Obviously, the site is owned and operated by Binance, also known as the world’s leading crypto exchange. The appeal of Binance for NFT buyers and sellers is the incredibly low fees offered by one of the best marketplaces on the planet.

Binance offers NFTs on both Ethereum and its Binance Smart Chain network. As a result, NFT traders have a huge selection from which to choose. The platform is easy to use and navigate, offering collectibles in a variety of niches, including gaming, entertainment, art, sports, and more. Plus, if you already have a Binance account, you can use it to buy, sell, and trade on the platform’s NFT market.

Like many other NFT marketplaces, Binance only supports cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The good news is that when you do purchase an NFT, you can easily move it to your Binance NFT wallet, then move it offline if you so choose. Lastly, you can mind your own NFT with Binance, something not every marketplace offers.

4. Rarible


One of the easiest platforms for new users to understand is the Rarible NFT marketplace. It only takes a few minutes to create an account and start buying and selling NFTs. Or you can take advantage of the Rarible minting option and create your own.

Anyone can create NFTs on the Rarible marketplace. You don’t need pre-existing artwork to make NFTs and you aren’t required to deposit a bunch of crypto up front. It’s one of the best beginning NFT platforms out there.

Once you’ve connected a wallet to Rarible, you can start creating, buying, and selling NFTs to your heart’s content. That’s all there is to it. With Rarible, anyone can develop an NFT portfolio or purchase artwork you believe could be valuable in the future. However, Rarible primarily focuses on artwork, so if you want other types of NFTs, you’ll have to use another platform.

5. Coinbase NFT

Coinbase NFT

After Binance, Coinbase might be the most well-known cryptocurrency exchange in the market. However, what many people don’t know is that the popular platform has now forayed into the NFT arena, launching Coinbase NFT.

With Coinbase NFT, users can buy, sell, and create NFTs in a single marketplace. Aside from the NFT marketplace, users can keep any NFTs they purchase or create in their Coinbase Wallet. However, at this time, the only blockchain used for NFTs on Coinbase is Ethereum, so your options may be limited.


The next top NFT marketplace on our list is NFT, another well-known exchange that has entered the NFT arena. launched its NFT marketplace in 2021, offering NFTs in a variety of categories, including artwork, music, games, sports, and celebrities.

Users can purchase NFTs on the marketplace using a debit or credit card at a fixed price or through an auction. Additionally, offers the option to pay using crypto through its payment gateway. One of the most appealing features available through the NFT marketplace is its lack of transaction fees when users purchase a collectible.’s NFT marketplace is simple and easy to use, but it doesn’t hurt that the site has already partnered with popular celebrities like Snoop Dogg. Additionally, the platform recently expanded to support NFTs residing on the Ethereum blockchain, which is a win for everyone involved.

7. LooksRare


One of the newest NFT marketplaces out there is LooksRare, which rewards users for buying and selling NFTs on its platform. This alone makes LooksRare a very appealing NFT marketplace for collectors. Additionally, the platform has some of the lowest fees in the market.

When trading on LooksRare, the platform rewards you with its LOOKS tokens. LooksRare rewards both the buyer and seller with these tokens, with all NFT collections eligible to earn LOOKS tokens.

Rewards are determined based on the amount of trading a user does on the platform, excluding any private sales that take place. To earn even more with LooksRare, users can stake their LOOKS tokens, earning passive income while they buy, sell, and trade NFTs.


If you’re looking for one of the best NFT marketplaces that uses the Tezos blockchain, give Objkt a look. This platform launched in 2021 and is known as the “OpenSea of Tezos.” The platform supports many NFTs, including artwork, songs, and videos.

Just like OpenSea, Objkt charges 2.5% in transaction fees for all NFT purchases. Additionally, Objkt lets creators establish their own fees, so they’re getting their fair share.

Objkt’s interface is clean and easy to use, which is perfect for those who aren’t familiar with buying NFTs but prefer to use Tezos to pay for them. It’s also nice that the website categorizes all its auctions and collections, which makes specific NFTs easy to find. The drawback is that since the marketplace only uses Tezos, the volume isn’t very high.

9. DraftKings


For those unfamiliar with DraftKings, the platform is a massive company that lets users bet on sports. This US-based platform is one of the best in the world and has grown significantly in the past few years, so much so that it decided to launch an NFT marketplace in 2021. The platform touts limited-edition NFTs, primarily in the sports category.

Where DraftKings lacks in NFT variety, it makes up for in celebrity items. For example, DraftKings has NFT collectibles from Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, Tony Hawk, and many other well-known athletes. Plus, if you already use DraftKings, you can use your login to access the NFT marketplace.

Currently, there are only a few hundred NFTs available. However, DraftKings is always expanding its selection. Users can purchase NFTs using PayPal, bank transfer, credit or debit cards, or wire transfer. At this time, purchases can only be made in USD. Additionally, users cannot use crypto to buy an NFT yet, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for an Ethereum or Solana-based marketplace.

10. Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway makes this list of best NFT marketplaces because it has managed the creation and launch of a few of the most popular digital artists in the NFT space. If you’ve heard of Grimes and Beeple, then you probably know that they’ve well-known for getting started with Nifty Gateway.

This platform is an art curation marketplace backed by Gemini, making it yet another NFT site with ties to a crypto exchange. The NFTs on the marketplace are called Nifties and reside on the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition to a curated marketplace, Nifty Gateway also stores any NFTs users purchase on its platform. That means you don’t have to keep your NFTs in a wallet – Gemini stores the item for you. Of course, not every collector wants their NFTs stored on an exchange, but it does make it easy to turn an NFT into fiat currency if the need arises.

11. SolSea


Halfway through our list of the top NFT marketplaces we come to SolSea, one of the best platforms if you’re a fan of Solana. This NFT platform provides creators with the tools they need to manage and develop their own NFTs. Plus, if you’re a creator, SolSea lets you embed a license in your NFT during minting, which established a more meaningful artwork license.

Additionally, SolSea offers a calendar feature, so users can watch for NFTs as they hit the marketplace. With this information, users can purchase NFTs while they’re still fresh and new. The draswback to SolSea is that it charges 3% on transactions, which is higher than most other platforms. However, the marketplace does offer features that creators may discover are worth paying the higher fees.

12. Solanart


Another well-known Solana platform, Solanart is an NFT marketplace that supports some of the most popular collections out there. Aurory and Degenerate Ape Academy are two of the more sought-after NFTs on the Solanart marketplace.

The platform is intuitive and straightforward, which makes it easy to find the NFT collections you want to buy, sell, or trade. Plus, there’s a feature that lets you discover new collections as well.

Solanart also provides some of the best wallet support in the market. For the most part, if the wallet you’re using supports Solana, so does Solanart. However, the platform recommends Solflare for its users to provide premium compatibility.

13. OKX


The next top NFT marketplace on our list is OKX, which is known for supporting a variety of blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Solana, Avalanche, OKC, and Immutable X. You’ll find plenty of new and high-quality NFT collections when using the OKX marketplace.

Additionally, users can rank the rarity of NFTs while purchasing them in batches, viewing real-time information, which is handy when making a decision on which NFT to buy. In addition to supporting a wide range of blockchains, OKX also offers NFTs in many different categories, including artwork, sports, virtual worlds, utilities, trading cards, music, and more.

14. Mintable


Supported by Mark Cuban, Mintable is an NFT marketplace that wants to be a direct competitor to OpenSea. NFTs on the platform reside on the Ethereum blockchain, so if you want to purchase or sell items, you’ll need some ETH to get started. Additionally, if you’re a creator, you can mint NFTs on Mintable and sell your work to others.

Categories are separated into Art, Music, Videos, Sports, Collectibles, and Utility, so you can filter NFTs if you know what you’re looking for. Additionally, Mintable is offering up to 100 USDC as a reward for making purchases on its marketplace. Lastly, the platform offers its Mintable academy, which walks users through buying and selling NFTs if they’re unfamiliar with the process.

15. Coachella


Next up is Coachella. Yes, that Coachella, which as established a partnership with FTX to create an NFT marketplace. This relationship was established to create NFTs for sale for the famous music festival. Coachella is creating three sets of collectibles, all of which will offer unique opportunities for concert goers.

NFTs on the Coachella platform are minted using the Solana blockchain. All NFTs will use FTX’s NFT marketplace, which allows users to buy, sell, trade, and auction Solana NFTs. If you’re a music fan, this might be the NFT platform for you.

16. Bybit


Bybit may not be as well-known as some of the other NFT marketplaces on this list, but it’s still a legitimate place to buy, sell, and trade digital items. Available assets on the platform include art, GameFi items, collectibles, and much more.

Even though it’s not as popular, Bybit boasts more than six million users from around the globe. Anyone who wants to participate in the Bybit NFT marketplace can create an account and get started in a matter of minutes. Users can purchase NFTs using BIT, USDT, and ETH tokens.

17. DappRadar


While DappRadar is known for bringing decentralized apps to the masses, it now has an NFT marketplace that allows users to see information about their favorite NFTs in real-time.  Users can see where collections rank, how much volume specific platforms are doing, and which NFTs are the best sellers.

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DappRadar also lets users sort NFTs by which networks they reside on. If you want to see how NFTs rank on Solana, you can do so with the DappRadar tool. While you can’t buy and sell NFTs on the DappRadar marketplace, you can get all the information you need to as you go through the decision-making process.

18. Kraken NFT Marketplace

Kraken NFT Marketplace

Adding an NFT marketplace to a crypto exchange is a popular thing to do, as evidenced by the platforms on this lift. Kraken’s NFT Marketplace is another exchange adding the option to buy, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens to its platform.

Users can expect to pay zero gas fees, so long as they’re using Kraken NFT. If they decide to deposit or withdraw NFTs from an outside platform, they’ll be charged fees at that point. Kraken NFT will also allow users to pay for NFTs using more than 120 different cryptocurrencies.

Initially, Kraken NFT only supports Solana and Ethereum NFTs. However, the platform does expect to add support for other blockchains in the future.

19. Liquidifty


Even though it’s near the bottom of our list, Liquidifty is one of the best NFT marketplaces if you want to use BNB. The platform is simple and user-friendly, which means anyone can quickly and easily buy, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, Liquidifty supports Polygon and BNB and expects to add compatibility with Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, and others in the future. Liquidifty lets users create NFT stores on its platform, so they can sell NFTs they’ve created. The store is completely customizable, so each user can change the appearance and description to fit their needs.

20. Minxie


The last NFT marketplace on our list is Minxie. This content platform is ideal for creators who want to monetize their NFTs while focusing on developing a personal community within the marketplace. By leveraging blockchain functionality, Minxie is giving the control back to the creators on its platform.

Minxie pushes its creators to provide a mixture of free and paid NFTs, which will help them monetize their content and allow them to be easily discovered by users who are looking for cheap NFTs. This allows creators to spend more time creating without needing to market themselves across different marketplaces.

Top 20 NFT Marketplaces Comparison

Marketplace No. of NFTs Types of NFTs Cryptocurrencies Blockchain
Opensea 80m+ Art, Music, Photography, Sports 150+ Ethereum, Polygon, Solana
Gamestop 50,000+ Art, Gaming, Videos N/A Ethereum
Binance 100,000+ Art, Music, Gaming, Sports BNB, BUSD, ETH Ethereum
Rarible 300,000+ Art ETH, XTZ, FLOW, MATIC Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Flow, ImmutableX, Polygon
Coinbase NFT 100,000+ Art, Sports ETH Ethereum NFT 200,000+ Art, Celebrities, Gaming, Sports, Music BTC, ETH, CRO Chain, Cronos, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana
LooksRare 100,000+ Art, Collectibles ETH Ethereum
Objkt 2m+ Art, Collectibles, Music, Photography XTZ Tezos
DraftKings 300+ Art, Sports, Celebrities Fiat only Polygon
NiftyGateway 10,000+ Art, Music, Photography ETH Ethereum
SolSea 100,000+ Art, Collectibles SOL Solana
Solanart 700,000+ Art, Collectibles SOL Solana
OKX 13m+ Art, Utilities, Music, Sports+ ETH, SOL, BSC, AVAX+ Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, ImmutableX, Avalanche, Arbitrum
Mintable 1.3m Art, Music, Domains, Collectibles ETH Ethereum
Coachella 300+ Music SOL Solana
Bybit 10,000+ Art, GameFi, Collectibles ETH (minting, buying, selling), SOL (buying, selling) Ethereum
DappRadar 100m+ Art, Collectibles ETH, SOL Ethereum, Solana, Polygon
Kraken ETH, SOL Ethereum, Solana
Liquidifty 250,000+ Art, GameFi BNB, MATIC, ETH BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon
Minxie Music, Art, Collectibles ETH, MATIC Ethereum

Frequently asked questions about NFT marketplaces
NFT marketplaces are platforms that give users the ability to buy, sell, trade, and sometimes mint NFTs. NFTs on a marketplace typically reside on a blockchain like Etheruem or Solana. Some marketplaces include academies that show users the basics like how to sell NFTs.
On an NFT marketplace, users put their NFTs up for sale. These non-fungible tokens are stored on a blockchain, showing that ownership of the NFT belongs to the creator. When the NFT sells, ownership is then transferred to the buyer, who can store the NFT in their NFT wallet. There are hundreds of NFT marketplaces available.

Buying an NFT is really pretty straightforward. Use the following steps:

  1. Purchase Ethereum or Solana from a crypto exchange and add it to your wallet. Most NFT marketpalces use one or the other.
  2. Navigate to the NFT marketplace you want to use.
  3. Connect your wallet ot the NFT marketplace, then browse NFTs or search for the one you want.
  4. Purchase the NFT using the crypto in your wallet.
  5. Transfer the NFT to your NFT wallet.

That’s all there is to it!

There are many different types of NFTs. They include:

  • Avatars
  • Unique artwork
  • Generic artwork
  • Collectibles
  • Photography
  • Music
  • GameFi
  • Utilities
  • Domains
Minting an NFT is the process of creating a digital item and then publishing it on a blockchain, like Ethereum or Solana, on a public blockchain so that others can purchase it.

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