How can catalogues like Clutch help to get more clients?
Clutch and GoodFirms may be a good source of leads. What is more, they can become a brilliant one, if you apply creative thinking and know a couple of hacks.
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NinjaPromo team is sure that the following factors would make your catalogue work out effectively:

● The company should be on the top of the list. It's human nature to click on the top lines. The position is determined by the rating and money (sponsors are higher in the list by default).

● The catalogue should be popular. Basically, the most crucial factor here is the popularity of the sections needed. You may be number 1, but if the potential customers don't see the section — it's useless.

● It's vital that after clicking on the company's site the potential buyers could get all the necessary information quickly. They don't need to put lots of effort into understanding what you actually do and how the company can be useful.

The main advantage of the catalogue is its target audience. It's focused on the leads that are currently in search. The search stage may be an early one (just to ask something) or a later one (to evaluate the requirements). In most cases, the aforementioned clients are almost at the stage of buying. And now we gonna learn how to get the most of catalogues with your brains, not with your money.

1. Don't spoil the rating «by chance».

One of the main success factors on Clutch is a good rating. Let's have a look at a typical "lower-than-deserved" rating scheme:

1. We warn the client whose project we practically polished that Clutch can reach out to him to ask a couple of questions.

2. Then, our client is actually asked about the work, and here we have a problem. There are several criteria to evaluate the company (quality, price, deadlines, etc). That's the point where some of the clients start having strange thoughts like «I can't give them five stars, nobody will believe that, the site would think that I'm a bot».

As a result, the client gives you five stars on almost all the criteria, except the "unimportant" one for which he gives you this hateful four or even three stars. Unfortunately,it makes the final rating become lower. Furthermore, as popular pages are full of competition, even 0.1 plays a big role and can lower your position.

If by the end of the project the budget became five times more than expected, a manager had a call with the client during a party or instead of iOS game you created a Drupal portal as usual — don't share the client's contact with a Clutch representative.

Usually, the clients aren't prepared for the review. Everything may seem to be okay as the client didn't say a word, but in reality he wasn't quite satisfied. That's why you need to get the feedback yourself first (during the project and at the end) and only then recommend the client to Clutch. Otherwise, the customer may share what he wants and it may not be what we expect.

2. Look for the most popular pages and sections

Catalogues don't usually share the data from their analytics, that's why we can only make guesses about the efficiency (or test it). But there's a way to make a rough estimate about the popularity of the catalogue or even separate sections. This method can be used in two cases:

1. You found a catalogue with the price of «only $500» (or $5000) for getting into the top or having millions of leads. However, the statistics and the catalogue attendance seem to be questionable. Or maybe you're planning to buy Sponsorship on Clutch but still have some doubts.

2. You're an all-rounder with a wide range of services and think which sections are suitable for you.

Our method is based on the fact that the biggest part of the traffic is received from search engines. For instance, according to SimilarWeb, Clutch got 52% of the traffic from the search systems:
Of course, SimilarWeb can be a liar sometimes, but basic data should be very close to the real one.

So, here's the instruction on how to evaluate the catalogue and sections attendance:

Register at Ahrefs, they offer a free full-function trial!

Advice: You need to enter your card number and remember that if you forget to unsubscribe, the money will be charged off in two weeks (set a notification in the Google Calendar in advance).

Enter at the Site Search, go to Top Pages and have a look at the Traffic column:
Here we can see which pages get the biggest traffic from the search engine.

Note: it's obvious that the numbers aren't 100% correct and exact, but they give us an overall picture.

You can enter URL of the page that seems to be interesting in the Search in results to see the approximate number of users and the keywords that make it visible.
3. Don't forget about Location

When filling in the profile, you can provide the company's address (even more than one). If you're planning to buy a virtual address in the USA and you don't have a preferred town or city, choose the city on Clutch that has:

● good traffic

● not many companies with Sponsorship that are in the top of the list

That's an easy way to appear in top.The algorithm is the following:

1. Take the cities that have separate pages (right here).

2. Enter them one by one in Search in results and check if there's a section with decent attendance that you like:
3. Register virtual address in the city and add in Location.

Note 1: Of course, you take a risk. There's no guarantee that there won't be an out-of-the-blue inspection by Clutch to check your credibility.

Note 2: Don't over do it. If a company that has 1–10 Employees with a rate 0–25 will be based in 15 offices all over the USA, your schema will easily be unfolded.

4. Make the user-friendly landing page for Clutch

In the catalogues it's possible to share the link to your website for the client to learn more about your company:
The thing is that you don't have to give the link to your main page. For example, your company offers multiple services. But in the catalogue you're on the third page in almost all the sections, except one. Why don't you personalize this page for the users that follow the link on your top section?
3 lifehacks to convert Clutch visitors into leads

1. Be specific. People who look through the list of potential contractors are aware of the service type they seek. That's why it's important to assure them of your company's ability to help.

Wrong: We are building the future of digital world. The phrase is too broad to understand what your company does. You may sell servers or set up printers.

Correct: We are building iOS and Android apps which are ranked at the top of AppStore or Google Play.

Can you spot the difference? In the first case, our precious customer gets some abstract phrase. Imagine that in the supermarket you ask if the bread is fresh and get the answer like: «The bread is the future of your satiety».

2. Contact form. Everybody does it on a visible place or makes a vivid "Сontact us" button. Clutch visitors are usually "warm" and their conversion is quite high, but why not make it better?

3. Say "Hello" to the client from Clutch in a different way, for instance: «Hi, Clutcher», «Hello, Clutch visitor». This will personalize the page and make it more «familiar».

Important note: It would be naive of you to think that your company is the one and only. A potential customer won't wait for the answer of your salesperson. Usually, buyers send RFT (request for proposal) to a couple of companies. To get the client you need to answer immediately to surpass your competitors.


1. Be very careful when choosing a review-writing client.

2. Analyze the efficiency amount from different catalogues or sections.

3. Get into the top list of the city where you have an «office»

4. Convert users with the help of your website.

Obviously, there's no guarantee that the lifehacks will be useful for your company. We faced many different situations — the hacks that worked for one team didn't necessarily work for the other. Anyway, they're worth trying!
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