Community Management for blockchain startups

Ninjapromo community management services will give life to your social channels, establish trust and authority among TGE / STO investors, and solidify your place as a highly sought after project.
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Bolster Your
Community Presence
NinjaPromo will provide instant support to the thousands of potential investors asking questions about your project across all channels.
NinjaPromo will drive real engagement and interaction from your community through the implementation of KYC, bounty rewards, and proof of knowledge; because building a community is about more than just boosting follower metrics.

Using valuable expertise accrued by successfully managing 100+ projects, Ninjapromo will apply industry-tested strategies and advice to your project, further increasing its chances of success.
Our community management professionals develop a deep understanding of your project by studying the whitepaper, website, blog posts, and any other key information available, to ensure comprehensive answers to even the toughest questions.

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