Social Media Ads
for Your Business
We will double sales through targeted advertising on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a structured content plan.
How we do business
Each of our projects starts with an audit. We analyze the current state of the project, the competitor, the business industry as a whole. This is how we achieve the best results.
We determine the KPIs, portraits of the target audience, effective tools for your business and develop an overall promotion strategy.
We prepare your platforms for the launch of advertising traffic, analyze and make recommendations for the landing page of your website, design social media accounts, think through the visual strategy.
We form offers, write advertising texts for each audience, graphic design and video banners.
We plug in analytics systems. Launch advertising campaigns, make A/B tests, adjust budgets and rates.
Analytics and scaling
We evaluate effectiveness and optimize advertising campaigns. You get detailed monthly reporting.
Numbers speak for us
Generated leads for our customers throughout NinjaPromo's history
Satisfied customers
~$135,000 USD
Monthly budget of more than 50 advertising accounts
It is possible to pay online (:
1 social network
  • 3 audiences
  • 3 advertising banners and texts
  • Plug-in website analytics
  • Development of the audience portrait
  • A/B testing
  • Retargeting (1 campaign)
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Adjustment of rates, budgets
  • Detailed work plan for the next month
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3 social networks
3 social networks


7 audiences

7 advertisement banners and texts

Creation of promotional video (up to 15 seconds)

End-to-end analytics

Auditing of landing pages and social networks

Creation of the audience portrait

Ads in stories

A/B testing

Retargeting (3 campaigns)

Audience Look-a-Like

Landing page development

Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

Adjustment of rates, budgets

Detailed work plan for the next month

Full progress report
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