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Imagine you’re granted the opportunity to pitch your business, explain your services or educate a consumer within a minute or two. You ideally want to get straight to the point, ensuring you clearly demonstrate the value of your offering and why they need it.

In the virtual world, businesses get this opportunity everyday — through ads, TV media, social media, landing pages, or e-mail marketing, to name a few. If you’re seeking a concise, elevator-pitch-style of communicating your product or service value, then explainer videos are a great option. Designed to be captivating, animated explainer videos allow businesses to aptly showcase their strengths and build a connection with their target audience.

Explainer Videos

Some of our Explainer Videos Examples

A full-service explainer video production company for your unique animation needs

We help you leverage the power of animated video content to build lasting connections. Our explainer videos can be delivered in 4 main forms:
Animated Explainer Videos
Using creative graphics, this versatile and cost-effective marketing tool is useful for explaining abstract products or services.
Motion Graphics
Useful for communicating facts or ideas, motion graphics use compelling voice and visual effects to bring images to life.
Whiteboard Collage
These videos showcase seemingly hand-drawn illustrations on a whiteboard or chalkboard. In the right hands, a whiteboard explainer video can build a captivating story.
Live Action Videos
This style of video content features actors and actual products, making them ideal for our clients that offer tangible products or services.
Mixed Media Videos
As the name suggests, this form of video combines animation with live action footage, for an even more impactful result.
Explainer video services that deliver tangible benefits
No matter how useful your product or service, if the consumer is unable to visualize this benefit, you won’t generate the sales you deserve. With ever increasing amounts of information available at the click of a button, the attention span of consumers is short, making it all the more important that your message is strong and persuasive. As a leading animated explainer video production company, we are dedicated to helping you achieve just that. Our explainer video production services include:

Trump the competition by partnering with a specialist explainer video company

We design custom explainer videos that span multiple marketing channels, converting potential clients to loyal customers. Having worked with numerous clients from different industries, our professional team understands what it takes to create high-performing content that influences your audience.

Through our impactful animated explainer videos your business can benefit from improved SEO, higher conversion rates and a guaranteed ROI.

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Our Explainer Video Production Process

Hire a solution-oriented explainer video production company

Open your business to a whole suite of animated explainer video options through Ninja Promo. Our data-driven video production process is proven to deliver results through authentic storytelling.
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Explainer Video FAQs
This ultimately depends on what the intended use is. Generally, you need a powerful script, creative visuals, and a focused explanation of the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your product or service. All this needs to be combined into a charismatic, engaging video that is well suited to your target audience based on thorough research.
Explainer videos can be used whenever you need to quickly grab your consumer’s attention. The goal is to always communicate something of value and often includes a clear call to action as well. Explainer videos can be useful for product launches, explaining a service, product how-to videos or tutorials, product differentiation, or even to showcase company culture. We offer a range of animated explainer video production options that will meet your unique needs.
Video content can be shared pretty much anywhere where they will be a prominent feature. This can be on landing pages, social media, within presentations, through email marketing, or as TV commercials. Effective consumer market research always helps to guide this decision.
Depending on your target platform, explainer videos can be anywhere from 5 to 120 seconds. For instance, YouTube Ads or social media videos are typically on the shorter side, while commercials or corporate videos can be on the longer end. There are also other variables to consider such as the complexity of your topic. Ultimately, the length of your video should be sufficient to communicate your message without compromising on engagement quality.
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