IronX / Hycon / Eqwity / BitcoinOil / Tozex - building strong communities and then managing them
The Challenge
The main problem was the lack of interaction with the communities, which led to users' having insufficient awareness of the latest news. In addition, the companies faced problems with abusive conversations between users and a lot of spam in the chats because of a lack of 24/7 community support.

The Solution
Our team started a full-scale Telegram community support 24/7, thus providing the answers to ANY question both in community chats and direct messages within 3 minutes. As a result, people were quickly made aware of the latest projects updates and received immediate help concerning every problem they came across.

Also we carried out events aimed at handling conflict situations among the audience and between the audience and the company.

during ICO
during STO
$26 mln
$10 mln +