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What should experts publish to conquer Instagram and other social media?
May 20, 2021
Expert Content
We want to talk about what to publish in the expert's blog. The Personal Brand of an Expert (PBE) is always based on:

1. Expert-training content
2. Assessment of expert questions from their industry/subjective opinion
3. Content from personal life

There're no 100%-working formulas and laws in what ratio content should be published. Here's why.

At any given moment, there are several types of audience in the profile:

1. Old engaged audience (core audience)
2. Moderate audience
3. Newcomers

The number of different types of content that a PBE can publish depends on the proportion of these audience segments.

The old and moderate audience is interested in the author and his opinion. Newcomers are more interested in the author's expertise than his personal life.

A person subscribes to the topic, but then they start reading the author.

What is the difference? At the start, WHAT is said is more important than WHO, but after a while, there may be a replacement, and it is more critical WHO says what he says.

It is essential to publish expert content when preparing for an active promotion campaign; at the moment of growth and a bit after the campaign. After the "warm-up" stage, you can start throwing in some personal content.

Important clarification. We're talking about the PBE, not the "Instagram blogger" per se.

What percentage of "personal life" should you show in the general content? In our opinion - no more than 20-30%. You should never forget what the person subscribed to you for. For business training or a picture of your breakfast?

There is a case of a girl who leads a profile on mobile photography training. In the feed, the reach is 50-60% and the top engagement, and in Stories, reach is less than 10%.

The problem was absurd. The feed had professional content. The audience subscribed, and Stories had the content of the level "My child and I are playing in the sandbox." The audience subscribed for the sake of learning, not "me and the child."

To sum up, always remember what your audience follows you for. And then your content will be top-notch for the people.

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