ICO/STO & Blockchain marketing

Having gained expertise across different industries intertwined with blockchain, as well as a profound understanding of the crypto market and its actors, we have shifted our focus and are currently operating across such sectors as FinTech, gaming, mobility and many others.
We are highly allergic to marketing fluff and agency waste. If you're looking for a traditional marketing agency, you've come to the wrong place.
The New Marketing Paradigm.
Sprint is a repeatable fixed time-box during which a 'Done' product of the highest possible value is created. In our case the best talent sparks creativity, optimised channels influence communities and all of that ignites growth and drives results. And every repetition means room for improvement.
Areas of practices
Marketing & PR
Comprehensive marketing coverage

  • Market strategy
  • Complex sale funnels
  • Product and content marketing
  • Digital advertising (search, social media, ad networks, direct media buying)
  • Targeted, contextual, native content and distribution
  • Geo-specific, localized, culture-adapted ads
  • Community posts and PR-publication promotion
  • Lead nurturing
  • BTL and offline campaigns
  • Omni-channel real-time analytics
  • CPA, CPC, ROI, real-time metrics processing

Public relations coverage

  • Media Relations strategy
  • Top-tier content and distribution
  • PR cases development
  • Editorials and native mentions in the leading media
  • Business magazines and journals features
  • Crypto media cooperations
  • Public image support
  • Shock events
  • Bloggers and influencers
    Content production
    • Content strategy
    • FAQ sections
    • Speeches
    • Articles, blogs, social media posts
    • Emails: strategy, funnels, letters
    • Advertising texts
    • Design and branding
    • Video production
    • Banners, illustrations, infographics
    • Merchandise
    Community management
    • Strategy and guidelines
    • Social network activation and management
    • Both internal and external content marketing (platforms: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Reddit, Steemit, Youtube, Quora)
    • Ambassadors casting and development
    • Mention and response tracking
    Experience is priceless. Whether it comes to marketing, creative, operations, growth or simply teaming up with the best in the industry, being there and doing that means lessons learned. And we're happy to share.

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    Our clients
    We use anti-fraud systems, marketing & management tools and collaborate directly with leading companies in the analytics field
    Our core team
    Slava Kasperovich
    Chief Executive Officer
    Paul Lipen
    Co-founder, CBDO
    Alex Kasperovich
    Ilya Radniany
    Head of Influencer Marketing Department
    Our core team
    Slava Kasperovich
    Chief Executive Officer
    Paul Lipen
    Co-founder, CBDO
    Alex Kasperovich
    Ilya Radniany
    Head of Influencer Marketing Department
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    Polina Lagoda
    Head of Sales
    Eugenia Zyl
    Head of Community Management
    Lera Krytskaya
    Head of Marketing
    Julia Bondarovich
    Senior Influencer Marketing manager
    Evelina Kushnir
    Head of PR
    Egor Turbal
    Senior Project Manager
    Darya Manams
    Head of R&D department
    Alex Tolkach
    Senior UI/UX Designer
    Denis Reshetnikov
    HR manager
    Darya Khrystaliubava
    Project Manager
    Valeria Syrova
    Influencer marketing Manager
    Ksenia Kazakevich
    Influencer marketing manager
    Nastassia Tanhuyeva
    Account manager
    Tatyana Martyniuk
    Maria Rogachyova
    PPC Specialist
    Nadzeya Hzhybouskaya
    Video Production Manager
    Ninja blog
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